Refined Pools – Sydney Pool Builders

Refined Pools specialises in creating new pools and enhancing outdoor spaces through expert pool design. We take pride in making pools an integral part of your home’s overall design. As licensed builder and structural landscaper, our services cover every detail of your pool project, from design, approvals to final construction.

We work closely with clients to design outdoor areas that match their needs, budget, and lifestyle. Our construction experience ensures that you’re partnering with a pool builder committed to quality. Beyond just the pool’s shell, we consider important factors like positioning, finishes, and certification to ensure successful design and control costs.

Choose Refined Pools for a transparent, quality-focused approach to pool construction in Sydney, NSW.

Considerations for Pool Construction

Building a pool requires specific trades and a detailed understanding of pools to navigate the process. It’s not as straightforward as selecting a pool, finalising a contract, and having it installed. Understanding what’s permitted on your land, assessing site access, and managing potential budget increases are crucial. Be cautious of builders pressuring you to sign contracts without addressing these issues.

At Refined Pools, transparency is essential in our new pool quotes. The following are included in all our pricing:

  • Fill removal with excavation.
  • Allowances for electrical work.
  • Home Owners Warranty Certificate.
  • Pool equipment installed on a reinforced concrete slab, enclosed in an acoustic box.
  • Temporary pool fencing during construction.
  • Approvals and certification.

When comparing pool quotes, its important to understand what is not included in the total project cost. We’re committed to transparent pricing and clear contracts. Please feel to get in touch for chat or more information on pricing.